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Owens & Minor designs, manufactures, 并采购市场领先的产品,帮助降低风险并支持卓越的患者护理.

Better Products Support Quality of Care and Reduce Total Cost

Owens & 美纳的全球产品拥有无与伦比的自产和外包产品组合, including our best-in-class HALYARD®, MediChoice®, and Medical Action® brands. 质量和性能指标达到并超过行业标准, as well as clinical expertise and point of care support, you’ll have the optimal inventory you need, when you need it, 降低风险,帮助您的设施更有效地运行.

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Owens & Minor支持您的供应链策略和产品选择,这对最大化资源至关重要, reduce delays, and improve profitability. Our best-in-class product portfolio includes HALYARD, MEDICHOICE, 以及MEDICAL ACTION品牌的急性和非急性护理环境感染预防解决方案.

Clinical Solutions
我们为患者和员工提供感染预防和手术解决方案, 我们在各种临床环境中提供安全有效的解决方案.
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Supply Resilience
80%的生产基地位于美国,拥有世界一流的设施, 我们提供必要的产品,这样你就可以提供必要的护理.
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Resource Database
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Simplify. Standardize. Increase efficiency and quality.

The Owens & Minor全球产品部提供卓越的临床解决方案,为我们的全球网赌十大网站客户提供他们最擅长的服务——提供卓越的患者护理. 

With our significant Americas-based manufacturing footprint, vertically-integrated supply process, and rigorous quality standards, 我们通过确保护理提供者得到他们所需要的,来授权最好的临床和患者结果, when they need it, no matter the situation.

我们垂直整合的供应链保护客户免受风险和服务中断的影响. Additionally, 我们拥有世界一流的设施和员工,随时准备在任何紧急事件中保持产品的连续性.
Standardization & Efficiency
减少不必要sku的标准化库存解决方案为员工提供了提高生产力的机会. Expert guidance in product selection, as well as ongoing inventory analysis, drive continual efficiency.
Knowledge & Expertise
We provide support through tenured teams with O.R. expertise, 以研究和产品创新为后盾,确保我们的解决方案以全面的方式执行,帮助您节省资金并提高患者护理水平.

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Owens & Minor在整个行业范围内提供重要和持续的价值-从急性护理到家中患者.


Innovative Products for Every Care Setting

Confidently provide care with our proprietary, 临床优越的产品,保护临床医生和患者在各种护理设置.

  • Industry-leading portfolio provides you with proprietary, 在我们的HALYARD®品牌下自主制造和临床卓越的产品
  • 北美制造足迹支持供应连续性
  • 严格的安全和质量标准确保您的手中只有最好的产品
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Industry-Leading Solutions for Distribution and Beyond

我们确保您在正确的时间、正确的地点拥有正确的产品,这样您就可以提供专注的产品, 优质的护理,确保您拥有所需的一切.

  • 将合适的产品在合适的时间、合适的地点、定制化的供应链解决方案
  • Streamline labor devoted to supply chain responsibilities
  • 更低的成本和最大限度的补偿与服务和产品组合量身定制您的需求
  • Resource optimization helps you do more–better–with less
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Innovative Services to Manage Your Supply Chain

我们的专业服务和技术使供应链合理化, optimized inventory, and cost-effective workflow, freeing up clinicians to focus on patient care.

  • 专门的支持维护各个护理机构的产品和协议
  • Proprietary technology improves supply efficiencies
  • 现场专业知识通过提高效率和质量,实现以患者为中心的方法


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A Patient-Focused Approach

我们提供家庭全球网赌十大网站组合,以覆盖无与伦比的慢性和急性护理需求,包括糖尿病, ostomy, incontinence, wound care, home respiratory, obstructive sleep apnea, and negative pressure wound therapy.

  • 在病人的护理从医院过渡到家庭时提供支持
  • 高效、单一来源的家庭全球网赌十大网站服务和分销模式
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如果你已经准备好简化操作以提高效率, improve profitability, and support the best possible patient outcomes, contact us today to get started.

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如果你已经准备好简化操作以提高效率, improve profitability, and support the best possible patient outcomes, contact us today to get started.