Three key areas for health care supply chain success in 2023

Costs, supply reliability and operational efficiency top priorities for hospital purchasing leaders


Health care supply chain leaders have done enough looking back over the past three years to understand what factors led to today’s challenges. They have been consistently applying lessons learned in collaboration with internal (e.g.(临床医生)和外部(e.g., 供应商, distributors) stakeholders to determine which interventions are having the greatest impact.

展望2023年及以后,全球赌博十大网站 & 小, 全球网赌十大网站配送和物流的领导者, 进行了医院采购状况调查, asking 227 hospital purchasing leaders from Advancing Health Care Through Supply Chain Excellence (AHRMM) about factors driving their priorities moving forward. 以下是这项研究的一些主要发现.

  1. 金钱和美分支配着决定

当被问及他们最看重的是什么, 78% of survey respondents said they seek cost efficiency above all other priorities.

Hospital supply chain leaders will likely pursue initiatives that have consistently yielded value, including standardization of manufacturers and supplies, and purchasing consolidation through a distributor to streamline processes and maximize contract savings. 事实上, among those who took part in the State of Hospital Purchasing survey, 74% said they are working closer with distributors now compared to two years ago.

  1. 供应商的可靠性仍然是最重要的

以前, many 供应商 were able to compete based on price alone, 尤其是在“商品”方面.“现在, 然而, widespread shortages of common but critical items such as personal protective equipment (PPE) have changed the game.

今天, hospital purchasing leaders place a high priority on reliability in their supplier relationships, with 76% of those surveyed citing this factor as a top value driver for their teams.

深入了解更广泛的全球网赌十大网站供应链, including visibility into global product and raw materials status and backorder risks, health care distributors are equipped to help guide hospital procurement teams in selecting business partners positioned for strong supply continuity.

全球赌博十大网站 & 小 delivers this transparency through its Supplier Metrics and Accountability Report Tracker (SMART Card) publication, 每两周一次发给客户. The goal is to help customers plan for product availability or for the need to find substitute products.

全球赌博十大网站 & 小 also continues to diversify and mitigate risk by investing in Americas-based manufacturing and finding alternative sources for products in both local and non-Asian markets. 今天, the company has partnerships with over 1,200 branded and qualified diversity 供应商.

  1. 跟上变化需要更高的效率

人员短缺, 成本上升, 患者行为和偏好的改变, 选择性手术继续增加, and increasing performance expectations mean efficiency and smart decision-making are more important than ever. Three-quarters (75%) of health care purchasing leaders surveyed named operational efficiency as a priority.

鉴于他们的资源有限, supply chain teams need solutions to streamline day-to-day supply procurement and inventory management tasks so they can focus their efforts on strategic improvements. They are increasingly turning to industry partners for technology solutions that automate processes and leverage artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights on supply consumption.

Recognizing how clinical staff members are struggling with unprecedented staffing concerns at a time when procedural volumes are rising, health care purchasing leaders are also seeking ways to extend technology-driven supply solutions into procedural areas. With Perioperative supply management being a major area of labor, 费用, 和浪费, this has become a target for supply chain process optimization among hospital supply chain leaders.


全球赌博十大网站 & 小 State of Hospital Purchasing Survey Report contains insightful information on the priorities of hospital purchasing leaders during this current period of historic industry challenges. 可以访问完整的报告 在这里.